Andreas had just become thirtyfive years old. His hard youth was finally over.

The crying in the rain when the girl leaves with somebody else was over. He had just become a father of a son and was living with a super girlfriend. The ”VVD”, volvo, villa and dog stage were closing in fast. He had lost a lot of hair on his head and also some small wrinkles had started to appear. His right ear hearing wasn’t as good as it was before that heavy metal show some years earlier.

But for him this wasn’t the stage where the old elephant starts to look for the sad valley, the last resting place. For him this was just the start of the time he came to call the AfterParty, the party that starts after the early years in life. He had always loved music. He therefor he started a band project called AfterParty, music for the afterlife.

Afterparty’s music is electro, maybe sometimes with some kind of 1980’s sound but also with new synthesizer stuff and samples.

He mixes influences from many genres including acid house , disco, techno, electronica, dance elements and sometimes lambada.

When Andreas was around ten years old he bought a lot of ”Syntheziser greatest hits” cd’s. They had plenty of mixed music from Jan Hammer who made the Miami Vice theme, Jean Michel Jarre with songs like Oxygen and Vangelis with the soundtrack from Blade Runner. Andreas had a small Casio keyboard which he manically practised the Airwolf main theme on and was trying to play the song ”Popcorn” as fast as possible. This kind of music is his platform. Nowadays his favourite bands are The Rapture, Hot Chip, and the swedish band Bob Hund.


Afterpartys music is pretty sad. The feeling of loneliness is common, but also with some kind of warmth and maybe hope.

Andreas lives in Sweden, the homeland of the polar bears.




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